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The first documentary film on the life of James Dean executive produced by Marcus Winslow, Dean’s cousin and head of the Dean Estate, features a wealth of never-before-seen photos, offers insights and anecdotes by those who knew Jimmy best — his friends and family.

Because of the tremendous kindness of Marc, the documentary was given access to whatever was needed to put out an honest documentary about Jimmy featuring his closest family and friends.

These rare photos are being seen for James Dean fans for the first time (except for those who already have James Dean: Born Cool on DVD).

Thank you for helping to preserve James Dean’s legacy!

Jim Johnson, Joyce Kreger, Nick Moretti, Dick Purtan, Kevin O’Neil, and Dave Zoran

Executive Producer – Marcus Winslow
Producer – Denn Pietro
Director – Denn Pietro
Co-Producers – Lydia Modica (Rochon) & Denver Rochon
Associate Producer – Phil Zeigler
Writer – Denver Rochon
Editors – Denn Pietro & Denver Rochon
Second Editor – Scott Kemp
Effects – Denver Rochon
Music by Nick Moretti

Special thanks to Marlin Wilson for use of his East of Eden footage!

Copyright 2001 Whatantics Entertainment All Rights Reserved