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Be Funny (2008)

A brutally honest documentary that follows Mike Green and a number of Detroit-area comedians across the country as they continue to keep working while struggling to hold on to their dreams, their families and their jobs.


Mike Green, Mark Ridley, Horace H.B. Sanders, J. Chris Newberg, Chrissy Burns, Johnny Ginger, Tim Lilly, Brendon Lemon, Joe Johnson, Marvin Strait, and more.

Featuring Christopher Titus, Dave Coulier, Ben Stein, Arsenio Hall, Sinbad and Tim Allen.

Executive Producer – Mark Ridley
Producers – Denn Pietro & Denver Rochon
Associate Producer – Marc Myers
Directors – Denn Pietro & Denver Rochon
Camera – Marc Myers, Denn Pietro, & Denver Rochon
Edited by Denver Rochon